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Friday, 3 August 2012

Australian Student Visa - Basics

Australian Visa Application Process for Indian Students

Indian students wanting to study in Australia may apply for student visa in 2 ways:

  • By using an e-visa Agent who can lodge an application over the internet;
  • By lodging the relevant forms, documents and fee at the nearest VFS office in India. Students can choose an education agent for this on their behalf

The requirement for a student visa is the same whether students apply for an e-visa or paper application. The only difference is that e-visa sometimes offers faster processing.

There are different requirements for s student visa depending on the level of course student wants to study. There are step by step instructions at the web link below which will guide you thru the process

All applicants weather applying e-visa or paper based visa will need to satisfy the visa office that they have sufficient funds and meet the genuine entry requirement

E-visa is a trial that was set up to give established and approved
Education Agents the ability to lodge student visa applications online for faster processing. These applications are processed
in Adelaide in Australia and have a faster, streamlined ssessment

Paper visa applications are lodged by those Education Agents
and clients who do not have e-visa access. The applications
are processed at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi.

The requirements for the visa are exactly the same and the
Visa that is issued is exactly the same. The only difference
is the streamlined internet process for those selected e-visa

E-visas do not get a visa label put in the passport whereas
paper applications still currently need a visa label in the

However, the visa entitlements and obligations are exactly
the same.

For more details please email: info@atlasindia.net

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  1. for Indian students this information is very useful.who are applying for Australia student visa