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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Role of Education Consultants

Role of Education Agents

Every time we hear stories about doggy college closures abroad, we hear strange stories about “Unscrupulous or Fraud Consultants” operating in India

 The role of education consultants has its own significance and importance. Agents are employed by overseas institutes to guide students with the right advice and protocols. Education agents bridge the gap between the students and institutes abroad. Education agents provide students with accurate and realistic counselling on courses, total finances required for studying abroad including fee, living expenses, insurance etc. Further they provide information on limited number of scholarships, part time employment and availability of this part time work, student visa procedures and policies etc. In fact agents are a great resource to the student aspiring to study abroad as well as the institutes abroad.

The fact is that in India agents are operating in a totally unregulated environment; many agents have no specific expertise and are not a member of any professional organisation.

From the last few months we have seen many articles published about unscrupulous agents in India. Also there were articles published on the behaviors of Indian students abroad. These articles revolved around the unruly and abusive behavior of some newly arrived overseas Indian students abroad, Indian students in UK unable to find jobs were forced to eat in Gurudwaras around South Hall in London, Indians students living abroad have been accused of creating an unpleasant environment by shouting, arrogant behaviour, abusing each other, playing loud music on mobile phones, putting their feet up on seats in local trains and public places; and driving recklessly. In countries like UK, Ireland and Australia the department of Immigration has identified shams and fraud with Indian student’s applications. Last year UK has announced a ban on Indian students from North India, the main issue was that they identified was fraud, doggy institutes and fraud misleading financial papers from majority of the applicants. As a result strict additional checks are being done on all student applications today. Fake loan certificates and financial documents prepared by agents encouraged by doggy institutes abroad also plays a major role in this all.

Many institutes around the world see Indian students as their potential clients. Yes India is growing and the number of Indian students going abroad for the purpose of education has and will be increasing further in the next few years.

As education agents our role is guiding students with the right course, look into their welfare, career counselling and also bridging the gap between the foreign Institute and the students in India. We all know that fact that foreign education will help to transform young talented students from India to world class skilled professionals. We must represent good institutes with a good reputation and experience. Let’s not put our highly talented students in doggy institutes abroad and let’s not get attracted to FREE air tickets, laptops or other attractive incentives or cash backs that these institutes offer. Lets understand that the quality of education in institutes that offer such incentives is hopeless and lets not enouurage this. Let’s not push our students to take up courses offered by these doggy and unethical institutes.

 But it very sad that today many articles and leading news papers  around the world have claimed that this student recruitment industry in India has turned into an industry of shams and scams. Further it is also said that Education agents are involved with thriving black market in sham marriages, forged English language exams, bogus courses and preparation of fake bank certificates.

The main reason for this is the operations of unethical education institutes abroad. It’s these unethical institutes abroad that have given birth to these doggy or unscrupulous agents.

We are all education agents and we are not unscrupulous or doggy. Lets act more cautiously and not involve ourselves with such providers.

Nishidhar Reddy
Atlas Consultants, Hyderabad
Email: nishi@atlasindia.net 

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